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Administrative Contacts

Our Faculty


Department Head, Dr. Jaime Carbonell,
speaking at the 2009 Open House

Areas of Interest
Black, Alan LTI; LTI Chair of Admissions Speech Synthesis, Speech to Speech Translation, Spoken Dialog Systems
Brown, Ralf LTI Machine Translation, Cross-Language IR, Topic Tracking
Callan, Jamie LTI; Heinz School Information Retrieval, Adaptive Information filtering, Text Data Mining
Carbonell, Jaime LTI Director; CSD Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning/Translation
Cohen, William LTI; MLD

Machine Learning, Information Extraction, Text Data Mining

Eskenazi, Maxine LTI Computer-Aided Language Learning, Speech Processing, Speech Recognition, Spoken Dialogue Systems
Fahlman, Scott LTI; CSD Artificial Intelligence, Knowledge Representation, Machine Learning
Fink, Eugene LTI: CSD Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Computational Geometry
Frederking, Bob LTI, Chair of Graduate Programs Speech to Speech MT, Rapid-Development Wide-Coverage MT, Question Answering
Gershman, Anatole LTI Natural Language Processing, Language Acquisition, Ubiquitous Commerce
Hauptmann, Alex LTI; CSD Multimedia Analysis, Multimedia Interfaces, Informedia Digital Video Library
Jin, Qin LTI Speaker Recognition, Human Biometrics, Speech Understanding
Klein, Judith-Seetharaman LTI Adjunct Faculty; ISRI, Univ. of Pittsburgh Medical School Computational Biology/Bioinformatics, Biochemistry/Biophysics, Structural Biology
Lavie, Alon LTI Machine Translation, Spoken Language Understanding, Machine Learning
Levin, Lori LTI
Minority Languages, Machine Translation, Interlingua Representations, Lexicons
Metze, Florian LTI Speech and Audio Processing, Semantic Computing, and Information Fusion
Mitamura, Teruko LTI, Finance Director
Knowledge-Based MT, Question Answering, Japanese NLP and Dialog Systems
Nyberg, Eric H. LTI, Co-Director of MSIT-VLIS Question Answering, Information Extraction, Natural Language Processing
Raj, Bhiksha LTI

Speech Recognition, Audio Processing, Machine Learning

Rosé, Carolyn Penstein LTI; HCII Robust Language Understanding, Technology Supported Education
Rosenfeld, Roni LTI; MLD, CSD Computational Molecular Biology, Speech and Language Technology for Development, Speech Interfaces, Machine Learning
Rudnicky, Alex LTI; CSD Spoken Language Interaction, Speech Recognition, Interface Design
Schultz, Tanja LTI Speech Recognition, Human-Human Communication, Human-Machine Communication
Shamos, Michael LTI; Director of Universal Library;
Co-Director of Institute for eCommerce
Digital Libraries, Language Indentification, Internet Policy, Electronic Negotiation
Singh, Rita

Speech Recognition, ASR Supersystems, Online Unsupervised Learning

Smith, Noah
Multilingual and Cross-lingual Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning
Stern, Richard LTI; ECE; CSD Robust Automatic Speech Recognition, Auditory Perception, Signal Processing
Vogel, Stephan LTI Statistical Machine Translation, Speech Translation, Multilingual NLP
Waibel, Alex LTI, Associate Director Perceptual User Interfaces, Speech Recognition, Multimodal Interaction
Xing, Eric LTI; MLD Computational Biology, Machine Learning, Computational Statistics
Yang, Yiming LTI; MLD Text Categorization, Translingual Information Retrieval, Event Detection and Tracking
Vu, John D. LTI; LC Director, Biotechnology Innovation and Computation, Distinguished Career Professor

Affiliated Faculty

Cassell, Justine LTI; HCII justine@cs.cmu.edu
Lafferty, John LTI; CSD; MLD lafferty@cs.cmu.edu
Lane, Ian LTI; CMU Silicon Valley ian.lane@sv.cmu.edu
MacWhinney, Brian LTI; Psychology macw@cmu.edu
Mitchell, Tom LTI; CSD; RI; Director of MLD tom.mitchell@cs.cmu.edu
Mostow, Jack LTI Adjunct Faculty;
Olfazer, Kemal LTI; CMUQ ko@removethis.cs.cmu.edu
Reddy, Raj LTI Adjunct Faculty;
Yang, Jie LTI; HCII yang@cs.cmu.edu



LTI is part of the School of Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon University.
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