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LTI Seminar 2009-2010

Contact Teruko Mitamura (teruko [at] cs [dot] cmu [dot] edu)

Fall 2009 - Spring 2010

Day Time & Location Speaker
Feb 23 GHC 6501
10:30 am
Kenichi Kumatani, Saarland University
Beamforming with Super Gaussian Criteria for Distant Speech Recognition
Feb 18 GHC 6501
1:30 pm
Shantanu Rane, Mitsubishi Electric Research Laboratories
Distance Computation Under Privacy Constraints
Feb 1 GHC 8102
12:00 pm
Jahanzeb Sherwani, LTI
Voice Applications for Low Literate Users
Jan 28 NSH 3305
12:30 pm
Isabel Trancoso, IST, Lisbon, Portugal
Processing Broadcast News for Several Varieties of Portuguese
Nov 13 NSH 1305
2:00 pm
Petros Boufounos, Mitsubishi Electric Research Laboratories
Recent Advances in Signal Acquisition, Sensing, and Quantization
Oct 30 NSH 1305
2:00 pm
C. Lee Giles, Penn State
SeerSuite: Enterprise Search and Cyberinfrastructure for Science and Academia
Oct 23 Rangos 3
2:30 pm
Alex Waibel, LTI
From Research Lab to Jungle Ops: Computer Speech Translation for Humanitarian Relief
Oct 22 GHC 4405
2:30 pm
Tuomas Virtanen, Tampere U. of Technology
New Machine Learning Algorithms Enable Recognizing Sounds in Mixtures
Oct 16 NSH 1305
2:00 pm
Chris Dyer, U. Maryland
Improving Machine Translation by Propagating Uncertainty
Oct 9 NSH 1305
2:00 pm
Jianchang Mao , Yahoo Labs
Learn-to-Rank-Ads in Computational Advertising


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